Boley Design and Construction, Inc.

Specializes in small multifamily property construction in Oviedo, FL and the Central Florida area

If you're looking to invest in a duplex or triplex property and need help building, count on us for the construction. We have expertise in everything from the blueprint to the building and even beyond that. We have multiple floorplans readily available so that we can turn your project around in a short amount of time.

When it comes to small multifamily properties, we also can provide advice on the best interior designs. We know just which products are going to help you maintain quality while keeping costs low.

Boley Design and Construction, Inc can help with any of these processes:

-Cost efficiency
-Design selections
-Interior decision making

Or if you're looking for a more upscale experience in your duplex or triplex, Boley Design and Construction, Inc can help you find the right appliances to bring your space to life.
To learn more about our duplex, triplex, and small multifamily constructions in the Central Florida area, give us a call at 407-405-4509 today.